When doing business with anyone, regardless of the amount of money being spent, it is extremely important to know everything you can about the people, the company and the product.

  • Who We Are:  Rosie’s 1901 Garage & Trading Post, Inc. is, first and foremost, a 501 (c) (3) Motorcycle Ministry.  Located in the same building is a “For Profit” corporation, Rosie’s 1901, Inc.  iIt is important to know the “Non-Profit” and “For-Profit” aspects of these businesses are totally separate.  Both have their own individual objectives.
  • What We Do:  We enhance our customers motorcycling experience through a commitment to Excellence in everything we do. At Rosie’s 1901, our commitment to Excellence is rooted within the walls of every “Old School” motorcycle shop.
  • Why Excellence:  Why Not? To quote business guru Tom Peters, “Excellence is not a goal, it is a lifestyle.  Our ultimate aim is always…Excellence.  Nothing less.  In our treatment of one another.  In the products and services we develop.  In our relationships with customers – vendors – community.”

Excellence, when we sell you a bike, a part or a T-Shirt.  Excellence, when we service your bike.  Excellence, when you stop by just to use our rest rooms.

Excellence…because you deserve it.