Who Are We?

When doing business with anyone, regardless of the amount of money being spent, it is extremely important to know everything you can about the people, the company and the product.

  • Who We Are:  Rosie’s 1901 Garage & Trading Post, Inc. is, first and foremost, a 501 (c) (3) Motorcycle Ministry.  Located in the same building is a “For Profit” corporation, Rosie’s 1901, Inc.  It is important to know the “Non-Profit” and “For-Profit” aspects of these businesses are totally separate.  Both have their own individual objectives.
  • What We Do:  We enhance our customers motorcycling experience through a commitment to Excellence in everything we do. At Rosie’s 1901, our commitment to Excellence is rooted within the walls of every “Old School” motorcycle shop.
  • Why Excellence:  Why Not? To quote business guru Tom Peters, “Excellence is not a goal, it is a lifestyle.  Our ultimate aim is always…Excellence.  Nothing less.  In our treatment of one another.  In the products and services we develop.  In our relationships with customers – vendors – community.”

Excellence, when we sell you a bike, a part or a T-Shirt.  Excellence, when we service your bike.  Excellence, when you stop by just to use our rest rooms.

Excellence…because you deserve it.